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University Brand name

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University Brand name
by Katy Willis - Thursday, 1 December 2016, 3:54 PM

To all students and staff



We would like to inform you about a development in our marketing approach which the Board of Governors have recently approved for consideration, and to ask for your support and commentary to help us to deliver this.


Like many alumni, locals and friends of the university far and wide, you probably use the term Marjon when referring to the University. This term has been in widespread use since the 1920s when the two colleges of St Mark’s in Chelsea and St John’s in Battersea merged. It was used as a term for a student (a “Marjohner”) and as the college magazine in the 1930s (“The Marjon”).


You will have hopefully seen our campaign this summer which put MARJON front and centre and celebrated the name we are most known for. It was designed to pick up on alumni knowledge, and to prompt conversation and word of mouth. We have now decided to push this a step further and start using this term as part of our name.


We will not be losing our official title of the University of St Mark & St John. Students will still graduate from the University of St Mark & St John, staff will still be employed by the University of St Mark & St John, and invoices will still be paid by the University of St Mark & St John.


However, like many other universities blessed with a long name, such as the University of the West of England, the University of the West of Scotland and Robert Gordon University Aberdeen, we will develop a logo and embrace a name which we are most known by.


From February 2017, when we launch our next round of marketing materials for 2018 entry, we will amend our trading name to Plymouth Marjon University.  Until that point, we will still call ourselves the University of St Mark & St John.




What does this mean?


  • We will develop a new logo for Plymouth Marjon University.

  • This will be the phrase we would expect people to use when asked where you work or study – at Plymouth Marjon University.

  • From February, the logo would be amended on all marketing materials as we produce them, and also on buildings and road signage.

  • This name would be how the reception team would answer the phone and how emails are signed off.

  • We would still use the formal crest and the formal name on formal documentation such as Graduation certificates. These would still say the University of St Mark & St John, and invoices, staff contracts and bank accounts would all still be under the University of St Mark& St John.

  • For students searching on UCAS we will be found as Plymouth Marjon University, which crucially both gives us a locator and so makes us more memorable, and puts us with Plymouth College of Art and Plymouth University, instead of with the other universities starting with S as we are now.




When will this happen?


You will see this change from February 2017, with the launch of our new prospectus and will see further communication about it before then. Until then, we will continue to use the term the University of St Mark & St John as we do now.




What happens next?


We would like to invite you to a Brand Open House on Tuesday 6th December in HDC Room 203 from 1pm to 5.30pm. Students and staff are welcome to drop in at any point through the afternoon. We will ask you to give comment on logo styles and ideas and to give feedback.


You can drop in at any time and look at the displays on the walls and provide comment there, or talk to the marketing people present who will answer questions and hear your direct feedback.


There is an appendix attached which may answer more of your questions.


With best regards



Dr Karen Cook, Acting Vice-Chancellor and Katy Willis, Head of External Relations