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Pinch Punch!

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Me at the Grand Canyon NP
Pinch Punch!
by Jade Dyer - Thursday, 1 December 2016, 9:30 AM

Pinch punch, it's the first of the month! Not only does that mean that Christmas is on its way, it also means that you only have two days left to hand in your Camp America bursary applications!

The application deadline is tomorrow (Friday 2nd December 2016) at 4pm.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get most of the cost of going to summer camp covered by us!

1st and 2nd years can also use their Camp America summer experience as a placement module (with agreement of your course tutors). 

Plus you'll get to spend your summer having lots of fun in the sun, making memories that will last a lifetime!

More information can be found here:

If you have any questions about the camp experience, please feel free to email me at You can also email Faye at 

Good luck!