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by Sarah Griffiths - Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 1:56 PM

Just a reminder that there will be a Christmas bake sale in reception, to raise funds for the NSPCC, this coming Monday December 5th 10am-2pm. The NSPCC have been prominent in the news recently relating to child abuse allegations and football. NSPCC do important work protecting children from abuse and bullying in sport and all other areas of their lives.


You can support this cause by donating bake items

I will be at reception from 8.30am on 5/12 if you would like to donate mince pies, Christmas biscuits, cup cakes, stollen, Christmas cake (big or small) - or anything cakey and vaguely Christmassy! 

Alternatively, you can also drop your donations off at the PAHC building, SF42 at any time if your items will stay fresh.

Otherwise come and visit, eat, enjoy and be merry! You will be contributing to a great cause.


Many thanks

Sarah Griffiths

Speech and Language Therapy


The NSPCC stands up for children, demanding that laws change and action is taken to better protect them.