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Visual Arts Plymouth need volunteer Activators! Fantastic opportunity!

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Visual Arts Plymouth need volunteer Activators! Fantastic opportunity!
by Jade Dyer - Wednesday, 30 November 2016, 10:44 AM

Visual Arts Plymouth (VAP) provide a voice and a platform for the range of visual arts in Plymouth. It connects grassroots activity with a larger city cultural plan and vision, and shares knowledge and ideas in order to effect change in the city. One of their key successes has been the development of the Plymouth Art Weekender, taking place annually in September since 2015. 


They are looking to expand VAP and bring in new creative and imaginative 'Activators' who are passionate about visual arts and prepared to pull out all the stops to make change happen. 


As an Activator you will be required to undertake the following:

  • Attendance at Activator's monthly meetings (at least 75% of the 12 meetings held per year)
  • Active contribution to discussion of agenda items and implementation of agreed actions
  • Time, energy and skills in making key events a success
  • Review of and contribution to key documents
  • Advocate for VAP at functions, meetings and events - representing the Visual Arts sector as a whole
  • Attendance at Forum meetings
  • Contribution to regional and national debates as appropriate

The role is voluntary and you will be expected to be an Activator for a minimum of one year.


For more information and to apply go here: //