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MSU and Chaplaincy Joint Working

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MSU and Chaplaincy Joint Working
by Nick Griffin - Friday, 25 November 2016, 4:45 PM

Next week MSU are running a research project into student views on the student union. This will take place in the Chaplaincy and so means that some spaces will be out of action.

In particular, Monday afternoon, All day Tuesday, All day Wednesday and Thursday morning, the Chapel, my office and the Nap room will be used by MSU. However the Marshall room and chaplaincy office will still be open as normal.

I am sorry that this might be a bit inconvenient for some of you. The Monday 5.00 service will still run in the chapel. However I'd like to say that although this is inconvenient, we're giving this space over because we love our SU and want them to flourish because when MSU are doing well it means all of the students are doing well.