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Interested in a study exchange to Chile?

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Interested in a study exchange to Chile?
by Michael Hall - Thursday, 24 November 2016, 5:24 PM

On the morning of Monday 28 November Maria Cristina Brieba, the Vice-Chancellor of UCBC Santiago, Chile is visiting Marjon. This is her second visit here.

The two universities have an exchange programme under which students from UCBC spend a month at Marjon every February following classes in Linguistics, Drama, Creative Writing or other programmes according to their preference.

Now there is a chance for Marjon students to spend a month at UCBC following classes in Linguistics, Literature and Education (delivered in English) in August 2017.

We have set up a meeting for any students who would like to meet M Cristina and find out more about study and teaching opportunities at UCBC. This will take the form of a question and answer session which I will chair. It will be on Monday from 1215 to approx. 1245 in room HDC 218.

This meeting is intended for sharing information so it is open to all Marjon students who are interested in coming and available at that time. If you would like to come please let me know so I can have a rough idea about numbers.

Many thanks