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Free lunch and a Bishop

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Free lunch and a Bishop
by Nick Griffin - Thursday, 10 November 2016, 11:36 AM

(Sorry to hog the Hub)

This Monday (14th) from 1.00 we have the Bishop of Exeter visiting the University as part of the Bishops in Mission visit to Plymouth. The Bishop is visiting a range of activities in the city and as Marjon is a Anglican Foundation University he is especially keen to meet staff and students.

The Bishop is the Patron of the University, a significant role in terms of our appointments and governance, yet this is not 'checking up on us'; rather the Bishop is genuinely keen to meet staff and students from all sectors of the University to better understand the individual and the University.  

We will be laying on sandwich lunch on Monday lunchtime and are expecting the Bishop to arrive at 1.00. Tea and coffee will also be free.

Finally, he's a good man. You'll like him!