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Hooker Lecture Tonight 7.00

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Hooker Lecture Tonight 7.00
by Nick Griffin - Thursday, 10 November 2016, 10:41 AM

A reminder that the Annual Hooker lecture is on tonight 7.00 in the Chaplaincy Building. (refreshments at 7.00 - lecture start at 7.30) 

Professor Nicholas Orme is coming to speak on '1000 years of the English Parish'. Our cities, towns and villages are littered with grand ancient church buildings that reflect the culture, history and theology of their time. Tonight will be a whistle stop tour through English history seen through the microcosm of the parish church delivered by a true world expert.  An opportunity for questions will follow.

Professor Orme has spent much of his career at Oxford where he accumulated three doctorates before moving his teaching career to Exeter. Please do come and join us.

This is one of a series of public theology lectures offered by the chaplaincy for the university and for the public. There is no admission fee and we understand this as a contribution to the public good of the city and surrounding areas. All welcome, please do consider bringing interested friends and neighbours.