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Marjon Golf Society
by Karl Parish - Thursday, 3 November 2016, 3:32 PM

After a review of all interested members, the course membership that was favoured most is:

Borringdon Golf

£200 MEMBERSHIP for a 7 day golf card. 50 range balls per day per card. The option to play at two other courses in Cornwall. A minimum of 15 members is required. The course is only a few limes away and can be played pretty much all year round. If you play golf and have never been a member of a society then give it a go, some very good socials will be had........

The hope is to start/buy the memberships in January, once we all return from the Christmas holidays. The society is not restricted in numbers, the more the better. 

If anyone is interested in joining the Marjon Golf Society please contact Many thanks.