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Marjon Mobile 3.0

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Marjon Mobile 3.0
by Zachary Gribble - Monday, 12 September 2016, 11:08 AM

The latest Marjon App has been released on iOS and Android platforms.  

Devices not running iOS or Android can connect with the web app version at

Marjon Mobile 3.0

Along with fixing bugs in the app, we have added some functionality and a new layout.  
We have created links to resources and services such as the print balance and links to Learning Space and Academic Skills.  The app can also push notifications to all devices that have allowed it.  

Services such as the timetable, campus map and library functionality have all been updated and made stable.  

This is an ongoing project and this release is the first update of many.  We request that any bug reports and feedback get sent via the 'Feedback' button within the app.  We already have some ideas for the next upgrade but want to engage with users to understand what works and what is missing.  So please get stuck in.


The App team