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New electronic journals service

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New electronic journals service
by Claire Stevens - Wednesday, 7 September 2016, 11:47 AM

We have very recently upgraded our electronic journals listing – previously, we had the AtoZ, which was a simple (and quite clunky) alphabetical list of the electronic journals we had access to.


This has now been upgraded to a service called Publication Finder. It is still provided by Ebsco, but has an improved look & feel – now it looks very similar to our databases, so hopefully you will already be familiar with this interface.

It is much more user friendly, and overall more useful – you can now:

- search for journals by subject
- search within the publication
- focus on peer-reviewed journals
- create alerts for new content being added
- save links to specific journal titles 

You can access Publication Finder either via our webpages at or via the Publications link that appears at the top of every Discovery window:

We are still tailoring the new service for the university, but please let me know if you have any problems at all with searching or accessing content. We’re in the process of updating relevant helpguides, in the meantime there is a link to the service helpguides in the top right corner (as shown above) but the service does work in the same way as Discovery and the databases, so hopefully this will already be familiar. 

Claire Stevens
Deputy Head of Library