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Marjon Golf Society

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Marjon Golf Society
by Karl Parish - Thursday, 27 October 2016, 1:40 PM

A meeting was held on the 26th October to gauge interest in forming a Marjon Golf Society. The meeting was to discuss the offers available from local golf courses. The two offers on the table at this time are:

Borringdon Golf

£200 MEMBERSHIP for a 7 day golf card. 50 range balls per day per card. The option to play at two other courses in Cornwall. A minimum of 15 members is required.


China Fleet Golf

For 20 members the cost of four golf cards per day would be £200 each. Once a year a society day will be hosted by the club for up to 28 people. The member ship is for 12 months an starts from the date of purchase.

If anyone is interested in joining the Marjon Golf Society please contact for further information. Many thanks.