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Submitting to Turnitin from Pages for iOS/Mac

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Submitting to Turnitin from Pages for iOS/Mac
by Helen Day-Cocking - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 10:18 AM

A quick reminder to students that the Pages file format should not be uploaded to Turnitin, if a Pages file is submitted it may be accepted by Turnitin but will not open and cannot be marked. 

To avoid this you should export files from Pages to either PDF or Word format before uploading to Turnitin.

iOS: If you are using the Pages app on either an iPhone or iPad then you can send a file in another format to be submitted. This is possible from within the document editor and selecting the ‘Send to’ option from the menu. This will allow you select a different file type (PDF or Word) and send it to yourself or upload it to a service such as Google drive or Dropbox.

Mac: From within the Pages Mac application, select the export option from the file menu and select PDF or Word before submitting to Turnitin.

If you have any queries or problems please contact MeLT - | ext.5673 | A block room 108. 

There is further help and guidance on submitting through Turnitin on the TEL Help Area