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Callum St John Star Tribute Fund

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Callum St John Star Tribute Fund
by Ian St John - Wednesday, 26 October 2016, 10:08 AM

I am again running the London marathon in 2017 – but this time for my son’s own star tribute fund which raises funds on behalf of the Wallace & Grommit Grand Appeal. The Grand Appeal have one place for the marathon and have given me the honor of being their only participant at the event next year. I wouldn’t be much of a Daddy if I didn’t appeal for any support you could offer.

The Callum St John Star Tribute Fund ( has so far managed to raise over £24,000 in the time since we lost Callum. Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal works to transform the lives of sick babies and children at Bristol Children's Hospital. Since 1995, The Grand Appeal has raised over £40 million to support patients and their families. The funds we have raised so far will be going towards the new home from home appeal ( which aims to provide free accommodation for families at Bristol Children’s Hospital – something Claire and I sadly know all too much about. The premises are directly opposite the hospital and I can provide you with any further details if you need them. We are hoping to get a room named after Callum at the new accommodation - which means so much to my family and provides a legacy to his name.

I appreciate everything you have done in sponsoring me over the years and understand you are constrained but this is very, very personal to me and my family, so anything you could do to assist would mean the world to us. I know what we went through when we lost Callum and if we can help other families in similar circumstances we will do (as well as keeping Callum’s name going).

The link to my fundraising page is

Thanks again for all of your continued support.

Many Thanks

Ian, Claire, Emily and our little star Callum