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Volunteer Placements - Camp Kernow

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Volunteer Placements - Camp Kernow
by Faye Hatherley-Edwin - Wednesday, 4 April 2018, 11:23 AM

Camp Kernow, an off-grid children’s environmental education camp, is seeking individuals

full of enthusiasm, energy and a sense of fun to help enrich children's camp experience

and be part of the Camp Kernow team.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about sustainability and off-grid living, experience

the work of our practitioners who are experts in their field e.g. wild food foraging, technical

tree climbing, kayaking, develop your outdoor education skills, build confidence and gain a

wide range of experience.

Our aim is to reconnect and engage children with the natural environment and inspire

them to live more sustainably. During their stay children take part in a wide range of

adventurous activities including technical tree climbing, archery, kayaking, campfire

cooking, foraging, and shelter-building. They also gain hands-on experience of the

sustainable systems employed at camp including composting toilets, reed-beds, biomass

fuelled showers and solar powered water pumps.

You will gain experience in all aspects of our programme from supporting activity

instructors, assisting in the delivery of evening experiences and helping children with day

to day life at camp e.g. supporting them in the preparation of meals and harvesting of

vegetables from our food garden.

During your stay your food, locally sourced and organic where possible, will be provided

along with tented accommodation and travel expenses to and from camp. You will also

receive training here at camp prior to starting your placement. Placements are for a

minimum of 2 weeks. During term-time camp runs from Monday to Friday with the option

to go home on weekends. In the summer holidays camp runs from Sunday to Friday.

To apply please complete the application form online here:

For more information about volunteering at Camp Kernow please visit our website here: