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What does the NHS mean to you?

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What does the NHS mean to you?
by Katy Willis - Wednesday, 28 March 2018, 8:08 AM

Hello all

On 5th July this year, the NHS turns 70. We're working with Plymouth Hospitals and others across Plymouth to help them celebrate.

They're looking for people who will share their stories of what the NHS in Plymouth means to them. It could be that you have worked in the NHS, or the NHS has done something significant in your life. If you feel the NHS in Plymouth is important to you and you want to share a story, a perspective, or just say thank you, please contact me so we can put you in touch with them to help kickstart their campaign.

Alongside this, we'd like to run a series of #wearemarjon stories about Marjon staff, students or alumni working in or with the NHS, to celebrate our links with the health service. If you'd be prepared to be in this, please contact us.

If it's outside Plymouth, the NHS nationally is doing something similar - see here where you can share your memories.

Thank you