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Chatback response - Library times

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Chatback response - Library times
by Owen Belli - Monday, 26 March 2018, 1:03 PM

Thanks for your Chatback response on library opening times. A change of closing time to 7pm was made at the start of this year, and is something that we are keeping a close eye on to see how this is working for our users.

We look at lots of pieces of information to see how many people are using the Library, such as the number of people physically coming in, our issues & renewals, and the number of enquiries at the desk; then we use all that data to inform changes and developments to the Library service. We were previously open until 8pm, but all the information we collected showed that usage during that last hour was minimal – hence the decision to change the closing time to 7pm.

Re: the weekend hours, we did consult widely on this when we made the change and asked students to vote for the opening times that would best suit them – the current 11am-4pm hours were the most popular. Overall, the Library is very quiet at the weekend with no reason to extend the hours – some weekend days, staff see fewer than 15 people!

As I say though, we do review our opening hours each year and take student feedback into account –we’ll be asking students later this year for their views on our hours, so please keep your eyes peeled for our survey!