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Chatback response - carpets in halls

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Chatback response - carpets in halls
by Katy Willis - Wednesday, 21 March 2018, 7:13 AM

Chatback response: carpet in halls 

Thanks for your comment about the carpet in halls, which said that it feels too thin. I'm afraid this answer is an explanation rather than a fix!

We agree it’s not exactly plush, but with good reason. It is actually very good quality, and recommended for education and student accommodation. It is gel-backed so works as underlay and insulation, and is waterproof due to that gel back. Our carpets have to stand up to spillages, heavy wear and tear and be stain proof, so that they look decent for the people who come in new each year. We replace them every five years - or sooner if needed - so we have to weigh up cost vs how quickly they look tired or worn. These ones might not be carpets to lie on, but they do the job pretty well. If we were to make them thicker or plusher, they would be great for the first year that gets them, but would get worn more quickly and need replacing more quickly. By the third year they would look quite tired for new people arriving.

As an aside, we know some unis have rug sales in freshers’ week or on moving in day so you can make your room feel like yours quickly. Would that be something of interest to anyone?