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More on snow

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More on snow
by Katy Willis - Monday, 19 March 2018, 6:48 AM

Hello all

The campus will be open today and normal lectures will continue, but please note the warnings below.

There's been more snowfall overnight in some of the areas surrounding Plymouth. Derriford and Plymouth are fine and Stagecoach and Citybus are running buses in Plymouth, but if you're travelling in from further afield do check before you travel.

Note especially that a large stretch of the A30 has been closed overnight, and the A38 at Haldon Hill is only just passable. The police are putting out strong warnings on these roads to avoid travelling, or delay until mid morning to allow the roads to clear and the grit to get working.

Please use your judgement and keep your own safety in mind; you might find these helpful on Twitter for updates more local to you:@DCpolice @stagecoachsw @devonlive @Plymouthbus

Some staff may have trouble getting in if they live further afield, and you will be notified of this. Please bear with us through this late wintry weather; hopefully spring is just around the corner!

With best regards