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SU Elections - Voting closes at 3pm!

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SU Elections - Voting closes at 3pm!
by Elias McGill - Thursday, 15 March 2018, 11:31 PM

Voting for the SU elections closes at 3pm!

It's vitally important that you vote for who you want to represent you and your fellow student body in the next academic year.

The link to vote has been sent to your student e-mail account. If you have deleted the link then please e-mail and he will send you a new link.

And finally if we can get to 600 votes cast we will be giving away a free £50 Dominos voucher to one lucky student!So make sure you vote and make sure all your friends and course mates have voted! 

And remember, if you don't think any of the candidates are suitable for the role then you can make this known by voting for RON (Re-Open Nominations).