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Car parking – pay by phone

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Car parking – pay by phone
by Christopher Rodham - Tuesday, 11 October 2016, 2:59 PM

Dear Colleagues

The University has now introduced the facility to pay for the use of the pay and display car parks by mobile telephone. I realise that this will not impact on the majority of staff or students but it may be helpful to share this information with guest lecturers or others that you invite to campus who are not eligible to sign in as visitors.

The company that provides this facility is ‘WHOOSH’ and users should be aware that there is an additional 30p convenience charge for using their facility.

Users can sign up to use the service at or follow the instruction on the display board in car park 3. The registration of any vehicle not displaying a valid permit or ticket will now be entered into the car park attendant’s hand held equipment. If the vehicle has paid via the ‘pay by phone’ system this will be registered and will show on the equipment.