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Chatback response: vegan and healthy food

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Chatback response: vegan and healthy food
by Katy Willis - Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 9:52 AM

Morning all

We've had loads of questions about food on Chatback and the catering team are working hard to get this right for you. Here's their response to a recent suggestion about more vegan and healthy food which sounds like good news for vegans:

"In response to the Chatback we received surrounding more healthy, vegetarian options in the Grandstand and cafeteria, we have taken on board what you have said. We love the idea of bean burritos, so they will be added to the next menu refresh. We always have bean chilli at the Grandstand and will try and add a bean burger there as well. In the main restaurant we currently do a spicy tempura cauliflower, pizza and hotdogs for vegans. After Easter we will be adding more vegetarian and vegan options from a specialist supplier Veg Express."

Keep the comments coming; tell us which new ideas you like and don't like especially as the new options arrive after Easter.

You can Chatback on the app - you'll find the link on the top rotating carousel when you open it. It's quick and anonymous.

Thank you


Katy Willis