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Race Night in Barjon - Friday 9th March

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Race Night in Barjon - Friday 9th March
by Elias McGill - Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 5:15 PM

This Friday, MSU is hosting a charity race night in the bar to raise money for Frontline Veterans Support, a Plymouth based  community group set up by veterans in order to provide other veterans and their families with the tools to help them learn to live and cope with Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental or physical disabilities due to service.

It's free entry into the bar and each horse in a race will cost £1 for you to bet on. 50% of all takings goes straight to charity and the other 50% becomes the prize pot!

It's a fun event that everyone can get involved in. In our recent survey about what would get students more engaged in events, a common theme was the chance to win money and prizes, so we listened to what you said and here is the perfect event for that!

First race will start just after 8pm so we hope people will start arriving about 7.30pm. There will be 10 races in total so plenty of opportunities to win yourself some money before the next student loan arrives!

The bigger the turnout the more money you can potentially win and the more money we raise for charity, so be sure to bring your friends along!