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Chatback respone - Gap between beds and wall

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Chatback respone - Gap between beds and wall
by Owen Belli - Tuesday, 6 March 2018, 4:58 PM

We’ve tried to find out about why your beds are screwed to the wall. It appears that when the rooms were furnished, clearly no-one was trusted not to take the beds away or lob them out the window! It’s fair to say we trust you a little more these days, and are a little bit less concerned about screwing down the furniture to prevent a riot, but the problem is that we’re likely to damage them if we come and take them all off the walls. The bed is a fitted piece of furniture like everything in the room. If you do drop anything down the gap between the bed and the wall, you can record it onto the help desk and maintenance will attend to retrieve the item. In the meantime, maintenance will investigate to see if there is a suitable solution. 


Owen Belli