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Chatback response: paying for an hour or two of parking

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Chatback response: paying for an hour or two of parking
by Katy Willis - Monday, 5 March 2018, 4:16 PM

Thanks for your comment on Chatback on just being able to pay for an hour or two of parking, instead of all day.

This is a tricky one, and we do appreciate that it’s really hard to please everyone on this. We’d actually really like to do this, but there’s a relatively practical reason that we don’t do this (or haven’t yet). It would mean employing someone full time, all day every day to check the parking, (ie to check that people had left when they were supposed to), which would significantly increase the costs of our parking management in order to pay for that. Everything is a budget weigh-off; spending more on that would mean not spending it somewhere else, which seems unfair to those who don’t drive, or increasing parking costs to cover it, which seems unfair to those who just get the annual permit.

It might help to share some of the logic; if you disagree though, please tell us!

  • It’s really important to us to encourage green travel, and we evidently don’t have enough parking on campus for everyone. That means we restrict it to staff and students who live further away or can’t use alternatives. The alternatives are:
    • You can park for a 30 minute drop off period without buying a permit or a ticket; just make sure you park in a proper bay.
    • You can park for free at the George Park and Ride – get tickets from the Student Information Hub.
    • You can walk or cycle - and we have dedicated lockers and showers in the Sports Centre and plenty of bike storage space if you do this.
    • You can get a bus pass through us at a discounted rate of £6 per week – get tickets from the Student Information Hub.
    • We really encourage students who live further away to get an annual pass. These cost £84 per annum or £32 per term for those on placements.
    • We encourage car sharing so you can share the cost of your ticket.
    • Our Green travel policy is here, as are links to getting permits.

We’re open to ideas on how things could be done differently so keep telling us if you think of any other ideas that could help. Bear in mind that we always need to weigh up competing priorities, for example; making sure that people who are driving from a long way can actually find a space (we know this is still not always possible, so just increasing the numbers of permits is tricky); encouraging use of public transport; minimising costs of parking.

For what it’s worth, we do benchmark each year the costs of parking on our campus vs other university sites and although you may feel it is expensive, it comes back favourably.

You may have much better ideas on this than us; please do share them. We know that this is one area where it is very hard to please everyone and we apologise for that but we’re really open to fresh ideas on how to make it work. Put them on the Chatback on the app.

Thank you


Katy Willis