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Additional Arrangements for Module tests & exams

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Additional Arrangements for Module tests & exams
by Judith Rudiger - Monday, 10 October 2016, 4:42 PM

If you think that you may be eligible to receive Additional Arrangements for exams and in-class tests then please go and see the DIAS team in Student Support who can discuss opportunities with you.

You may think it is still early days and have not yet considered if you are eligible. However, some modules will have in-class tests already starting in late October / early November and the sooner you make an appointment with DIAS the sooner arrangements can be put into place.

If you have already had an appointment with DIAS but have not yet received confirmation for your Additional Arrangement request from myself ( then please contact Student Support as you may still need to provide some documentation.


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Registry Services (F-Block, room 49)
T: 01752 636700 (ext. 5650)