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Library Services Survey
by Alice Primmer - Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 12:03 PM

Thank you to everyone who filled out a Library survey card during Valentine's week, here's a summary of the responses and more information about each Library service- so for all those who said 'What's SCONUL?' or 'I've never heard of Inter-Library Loans' keep reading for more information.


Group Work Rooms-  47 respondents have booked a group work room, but for those that haven't: we have 4 bookable group rooms- 2 on floor 1 and 2 on floor 2. Need to practice a presentation, do a group project or just want to study with friends? Speak to staff to make a booking.


Inter-Library Loans- 8 people said they requested an Inter-Library Loan, a service that is open to all students at any level of study. If the Library doesn't have access to a journal article or book we can request it from another Library. More info here:


SCONUL Access- only 1 person had applied! SCONUL Access lets you use other University Libraries-great if you live a close to another University, if you're home over holidays & want study space & book access or if you're on placement a lot. More info here:


More Books-17 people asked us to buy a copy of a book, either in addition to current stock or as a new title that we didn't have. Any student can request we consider buying a book by filling out the form on the Library home-page: and we'll let you know.