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Chatback Response RE: General Student Social Life

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Chatback Response RE: General Student Social Life
by Elias McGill - Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 10:25 AM

We received a chatback about the student life experience for mature and off campus students with regards to events and not seeing them advertised.

The Student Union  puts on a vast array of events each month ranging from ‘drinking’ events to ‘non drinking’ events. All of these events are advertised on social media, digital signage screens around the dining hall, the noticeboard outside the SU office, poster frames in corridors and in the bar corridor and they are also published on the student hub. Events are always advertised with at least one weeks’ notice and we do publish a monthly calendar of events in the bar and outside the MSU Services Hatch.

Any student can organise an event and MSU is always happy to help facilitate events for all students. If there is a particular event you would like to organise then we would love to hear from you. Please drop into the MSU office Monday-Friday 10am-4pm or e-mail us at or

It’s also worth noting that the SU elections are coming up and we expect this to be a discussion point at hustings and to feature in candidates manifestos, so please come along and let the candidates know what sort of things you want to see happening or interrogate them on how they are going to make it happen!

Hustings will be taking place at 12pm on Monday 12th March and Thursday 15th Match at 1pm in Barjon

Elias McGill
MSU President