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Only 8 more Dissertation Formatting sessions left!

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Only 8 more Dissertation Formatting sessions left!
by Mersedes Farjad - Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 9:57 AM

When formatting your dissertation you should know:

  • The layout of the dissertation and the order of topics on each page
  • How to use page breaks and section breaks to organise your pages
  • How to apply different formats of page numbering (normal numbers, Roman numerals, no page numbering) on the same document
  • How to create/apply/modify text styles for the body text, headings, subheadings and quotes; to ensure consistency and make navigation through a large document simpler
  • How to insert and update a table of contents
  • How to create the front cover
  • How to insert and format tables, pictures and graphs
  • How to insert captions for figures/graphs and then create a table of contents for figures/graphs
  • How to sort the reference list in alphabetical order

Can you do all of these? We only have 8 more Dissertation Formatting sessions left! Don't leave it too late...

Click here to book for your session via Learning Space – remember you must be logged onto Learning Space in order to book.