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Chatback response: Counselling services

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Chatback response: Counselling services
by Katy Willis - Tuesday, 27 February 2018, 5:13 PM

Thank you for your Chatback question on counselling services.

The Counselling Centre does experience exceptionally busy periods leading to a waiting list at times. We are really sorry that any student has to wait - we know that any waiting time at all will feel like forever for a student who wants to get an appointment - and we are working on various things to minimise this at the moment.

The Counselling Centre is working hard to reduce ‘no shows’ as these impact on our services to other students – for example, they are about to introduce a text reminder system. We expect this will free up some appointments.

We regularly review our procedures and staff deployment to ensure the best coverage we can and indeed we are reviewing demand at the moment. Our waiting times remain shorter than most NHS provision, but if you are waiting, you might find a couple of other options helpful: 

The University runs a Well-being Sign-posting service for students with emerging concerns/issues. These short appointments can be booked through – staff will help students with coping strategies and onward referrals (eg to external support, or to our disability team if the student might be eligible for specialist mentoring for example) and where appropriate they will invite you back for a further appointment.

The Chaplaincy also has an open door policy / listening post for any student Monday to Thursday during term time and students can contact to make an appointment if they prefer – Please remember the Chaplaincy offers a helpful ear to students of all faiths and none and are really experienced at helping and listening to all manner of problems.

Finally, please be assured that we operate a triage system to enable us to prioritise students, especially in an emergency.

Please watch this space and we will keep you updated on improvements to this; we know that counselling is a really important part of our support services, important for helping students to manage their studies and incredibly valuable to those students who access it. Thank you for your feedback.

Katy Willis