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Dissertation Tips from the Library- Inter Library Loans

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Dissertation Tips from the Library- Inter Library Loans
by Alice Primmer - Friday, 23 February 2018, 11:47 AM

dissertation hand in week 9

With 9 weeksĀ to go untilĀ Dissertation Hand-In the Library will be giving a tip or hint every week to help keep you focused!

Dissertation Hand-in Tip 2- If you've found an book or journal article that the Library doesn't have, try an Inter-Library Loan- we'll look to see if we can request what you're looking for from another Library. Most requested journal articles come electronically, which is great if you're not on campus very often, and the majority of books you are able to be take away like a normal Library book loan.

Find more information and the form you'll need to fill out to apply for and Inter-Library Loan here: