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Chatback response - the shop closing early, and fruit and veg

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Chatback response - the shop closing early, and fruit and veg
by Katy Willis - Friday, 23 February 2018, 10:58 AM

Thanks for your Chatback comments about the shop - one about it closing early, and one about lack of fruit and veg.

A message from the shop:

We apologise that the shop had to close early last week due to illness. We try very hard to minimise this as we appreciate it causes disruption. When this does happen we inform students via the SU Facebook page, if it does happen again we will ensure that we also put out a notice on the Hub to let students know.

Fruit and Veg

You asked whether the shop could stock fresh fruit and veg. The team have tried this a few times but it resulted in quite heavy food waste.

Therefore we decided to stop stocking the products to reduce food waste. There is fresh fruit in the main servery and the team have said they will put a small amount in the shop from now on.

This might be worth a discussion at SEC - to understand why people aren't buying it, and what could be done to improve this so that people do buy it. It would be better for everyone on campus to have a good fresh offering in the shop so if anyone has any other ideas about why the stock hasn't sold before or what might help, please do shout! Is it price, is it quality, it is the wrong range, is it that no-one eats fresh fruit and veg (please don't say that) - is it that no-one was aware that it was being tried? Ideas through Chatback!

Thank you

Katy Willis