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Chatback response - pigeon holes in halls?

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Chatback response - pigeon holes in halls?
by Katy Willis - Friday, 23 February 2018, 10:50 AM

Hi all

We had an idea on Chatback about putting pigeon holes inside halls instead of central post area.

It's not a quick answer, but it sounds an idea worth exploring a bit more. We'd have to work out things like how much longer staff time it would to deliver the post, as well as whether we can fit them in and not obstruct fire exits. We'd also be interested to hear views as to whether having another key to lose might be a good or a bad thing from your perspective!

The team are having a look at it and will work with the MSU to get your views, probably through SEC.

Thanks for the idea and watch this space - we can't promise it'll happen because it's not been worked through yet, but we are looking at it.

Katy Willis