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Chatback response on Jan 2nd lectures

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Chatback response on Jan 2nd lectures
by Katy Willis - Friday, 23 February 2018, 10:39 AM

Thanks for your Chatback comment about changing of lectures on January 2nd, and not realising they were cancelled.

This was a relatively late decision, having realised that not many students from far away would want to travel on the 1st January. The MSU put out a note to check what you thought and all lecturers raised it in their classes as well before we finalised it. We wanted it to be as student-led as possible to ensure we met your needs.

We're really very sorry that you slipped through the net and didn't realise that lectures were cancelled; we did try hard to make sure everyone knew about the change, through Learning Space, timetable, MSU Facebook and talking about it lectures before, but we recognise that we can always do more on communication. The good news is we've already had this discussion for next year so the same difficulty won't happen again, but if other things arise, please do raise them. We don't want to leave anyone uncertain about these things and it's helpful to be picked up on them, so thank you for raising it.

With best regards and apologies


Katy Willis