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Chatback response - halls needing repainting

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Chatback response - halls needing repainting
by Katy Willis - Friday, 23 February 2018, 10:25 AM

Thanks for your Chatback comment about halls looking a little untidy on the outside. It’s a really fair point - we can’t really argue with that on some of them! The good news is they are all on the plan to get repainted. The reason it takes so long is that we can’t do them when they are occupied – it would be too disruptive to you. That means we have to plan it in a very short window in the summer, when students aren’t here and when others aren’t booked in to use them. So it’s a tight turnaround and has to be scheduled alongside other work.

Last summer the maintenance team did a huge amount of work in the Village and quite a bit of fixing up in the halls area, but not everything could be done. This summer’s work isn’t scheduled yet, but watch this space, and we’ll let you know what the plans are once they are confirmed.

Thanks for taking the time to give the comment,

Katy Willis