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Chatback - response on appliances and accommodation question

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Chatback - response on appliances and accommodation question
by Katy Willis - Thursday, 22 February 2018, 4:24 PM

Thanks to all of you who have given us comments on Chatback so far. We're working through the University to find out answers and will post information up here to respond. All Chatback is anonymous and so we won't respond directly, but where it feels like we need more detail we'll encourage you (here) to get in touch.

Below is a response about a question about concerns with appliances in accommodation, which also touched a few other areas of accommodation.


Thanks for students who have commented on Chatback about issues with accommodation, particularly appliances. If you do have any concerns with appliances (whether they are unsafe or not fit for purpose) please do let us know. This also goes for other areas of your accommodation. You can complete a form here on the help portal http://help/portal and the maintenance team will come and inspect so please don’t hesitate to raise any concerns you have. We are often asked if there is a charge – please note that if an appliance has broken down through completely normal use, you don’t get charged for this.


You can also raise housekeeping or computing issues on this helpdesk.

After a review last year with the SU, the team have changed the way they enter halls to help you and to ensure you have your privacy. This may not be perfect, so do let us know (ideally through the SU as they led this review) if you have other ideas, but here’s what they do now:

1. Housekeeping Checks - Halls: These take place weekly, each hall has its specific day and this does not change, all details of when the “Inspection Day” takes place are on the communal area boards within the halls. Housekeeping enter the communal area by repeatedly shouting “housekeeping” and “here to undertake your communal checks”

2. Maintenance: Houses – All will knock on the door, and if it’s not answered, will wait for a period of time approx. 2mins. If no answer enter the house by shouting “ Maintenance” they then go into the kitchen area and wait and again shout “Maintenance” followed by “here to undertake ……whatever the job and location maybe”. Wait for another minute. If no response from the house they would then proceed to undertake the maintenance task. If this was within a locked bedroom, they would knock repeatedly on the door before opening, again shouting “Maintenance for Room….” before opening the door slowly again shouting “maintenance” just in case someone is in the room.

3. Maintenance: Halls – As above except they knock on the wing door to the hall. Again repeating the process of shouting “ Maintenance and here to undertake…..” waiting in communal area on this occasion. Repeating exactly as above.

4. It’s worth noting that when you log an issue, maintenance may well read as an emergency something that isn’t. Faulty tap could mean the house is flooding, or could mean a slight drip. So it’s worth noting on your form when it’s NOT an emergency, or maintenance might rush round in emergency rescue mode.


It’s important to note that there are sometimes situations where, for example, students are wearing headphones and don’t hear all of this, or are upstairs in the shower and don’t hear that someone has been shouting downstairs and is now fixing the cooker, for example. We really want to get this right so please do advise if there are other ways of doing this.


The only acceptance to the above are emergency situations – gas leaks etc. In these cases we have to go straight in but we would shout to advise.


The comment on Chatback also mentioned the building works disruption this summer. We can only apologise for this – we did not expect it to go on so long, and tried very hard to get the bulk of the difficult work done over the summer break. We hope you like the end result, but we do apologise for the disruption while it went on.


The last point to note is that the team are there to support you and help you. If you feel in any way disrespected or not listened to you can let me know directly on the details below. We do act on these and it can be totally confidential.

Hopefully this helps to answer this questions – please get in your maintenance requests!


Katy Willis

Director of Marketing and Student Experience