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SU Elections - Nominations Now Open

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SU Elections - Nominations Now Open
by Elias McGill - Thursday, 22 February 2018, 12:58 PM

¨ Nominations for the SU Elections are now open to any student that is studying here at Marjon.

¨ You could be one of the two sabbatical representatives who are paid and work full-time to run the Students' Union, or one of the eight part time officers who undertake work voluntarily alongside their studies.

¨ Being an SU Officer gives you the chance to make your ideas a reality, improve student life and to make the SU the best it can be.

¨ Election packs can be collected from the MSU services hatch or from the SU sabbatical office

¨ Nominations close at 12pm on Friday 9th March. This will be immediately followed by a compulsory meeting for all candidates who will be running in the election.

¨ Drop into the SU sabbatical office to find out more or e-mail Mick Davies at