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Behaviour Management Workshop

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Behaviour Management Workshop
by Faye Hatherley-Edwin - Wednesday, 21 February 2018, 9:15 AM
Active Devon Training - Behaviour Management Workshop
Tuesday 6th March 6pm - 9pm, Haven Banks Outdoor Education Centre, Exeter £20
Learning techniques to manage the behaviour of young people can significantly improve the quality of your coaching sessions
Effective behaviour management is not only about dealing effectively with problems when they occur, but developing the ability to predict and therefore plan to prevent problems occurring in the first place.
Designed and delivered by Chris Partridge, an experienced teacher, multi-qualified sports coach and behaviour management expert with over 10 years experience of working with young people. This course is suitable for any coach or other adult working with young people aged 3 to 18 in any sport of physical activity.
By attending the course, you will be able to;
- identify and understand various triggers which may lead to poor behaviour during coaching sessions
- reflect on their existing approach to managing poor behaviour and how successful this is in different situations
- develop a range of short term behaviour management tools which can be adapted for dealing with various issues
- consider how long term improvements in behaviour can be instigated through effective session planning.
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