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Provisional Semester A & Term 1 Results, 2018

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Provisional Semester A & Term 1 Results, 2018
by Mark Alden - Monday, 19 February 2018, 12:48 PM

Provisional Results for Semester A/Term 1 will be available on
Learning Space after 2pm today - Monday 19th February 2018

Students should arrange to see their Personal Development Tutor in the subsequent 4 weeks to discuss their module marks and their progress.

Students with failed modules may be advised to contact Caroline Broad, Academic Advice Coordinator in Student Support.  This is to provide guidance and support to students around the consequences of failing modules and taking re-sits or deferred assessments in the re-sit session.

Students with fails in part 1 of their Dissertation are advised to contact their Dissertation Supervisor to discuss their Dissertation.


Please remember that these results are provisional
and will remain so until they are presented to the next board


Student Admin has confirmed some provisional module marks are not yet ready for publication therefore they will not appear on the online results system.  Student Admin will provide the results for these modules to students in the normal way as soon as they become available.


Please contact with any queries on results in the first instance (including your Student Reference in all instances).