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Dissertation Formatting Sessions

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Dissertation Formatting Sessions
by Mersedes Farjad - Monday, 5 February 2018, 5:14 PM

Have you booked for your Dissertation Formatting session yet? Don't leave it too late!

This is where you will learn how your dissertation should look before you take it to the Copy Shop. You’ve sweated over the content; you don’t need to sweat over the formatting! This is also a highly transferable skill which can be used for any Word document.

These very popular interactive Formatting Sessions are student focussed - they are designed to cover the use of Word Processing (Office 2010 package) to teach you how to apply the following to your dissertation:

  • Overview and layout of the dissertation
  • Use page breaks and section breaks to organise your document
  • Use different formats of page numbering (normal numbers, Roman numerals, no page numbering) on the same document
  • Apply and modify text styles for consistency and navigation
  • Insert and update a table of contents
  • Create the front cover
  • Inserting and formatting tables and pictures
  • Insert captions for figures/graphs and create table of contents for figures/graphs
  • Sort the Reference list in alphabetical order

At the end of the session you will end up with a dissertation template ready to use and a Going for Gold stamp!

Click here to book your session on Learning Space.  Don’t forget you need to log-in.

Mersedes Farjad
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