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Wondering why you should get involved with the UnderGround?

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Wondering why you should get involved with the UnderGround?
by Jade Dyer - Friday, 7 October 2016, 3:57 PM

As a first year student, you're probably wondering why you'd even need to come and speak to us at the UnderGround, because first year is all about having fun and not thinking about life after your degree, right? Hmm...

As a second year student, you may be considering making contact but are still a little unsure about if doing so will really benefit you at this point in time, because it's only second year and there's loads of time to think about a job in the third year, right? Hmm...

As a third year student, you'll have probably come to the sudden realisation that your time as an undergraduate is about to come to an end and that you actually need to sort out your career plans. This is usually when the panic sets in but fortunately we're here to help.

We provide a FREE service for students of all years and all degrees, so please come and speak to us no matter what stage of your degree you're at.

We're sure there's plenty of third years who will tell you that they wish they'd popped in to say hi and plan their post-university life sooner. Before you know it, the three years of your degree will have passed, so please let us help you to start to make plans now.

However, rather than just take our word for it, we thought we'd ask one of our students to tell you why they think you should get involved with the UnderGround. 

Watch this:



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