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Help us take a break!

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Help us take a break!
by Lynda Tout - Tuesday, 23 January 2018, 12:16 PM

On Thursday 8th February, Student Support are hosting a 'take a break hour' during which we will have a number of activities around the student hub that anyone will be able to take part in to relax during the lunch period.  This is to support the Mental Health Foundation's 'Tea and Talk'.  Staff will also be around if you have any questions with regard to gaining wellbeing support at the University.

We do have some activities already lined up for the lunch time but it is often when we run these sessions that we find out that our students and staff have a skill or talent they would like to share with us!  Like one student last year who taught us how to crochet!

Perhaps there is something you do to help you relax, or a particular skills or talent you have that you're bursting to share?  Maybe you're a student who would like to show us how to massage stress away, or you have an expertise in art that you can share or you can play an instrument to provide us with some relaxing music (maybe even teach us how to play a ukulele???).  Whatever your talent, if you would like to share it with us and you can come along on the 8th, please email us at to let us know!


Lynda Tout

Inclusion Coordinator