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MSU World Mental Health Fun Run

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MSU World Mental Health Fun Run
by Elias McGill - Friday, 7 October 2016, 2:14 PM

On Monday at 4pm we are holding a fun run around campus to raise awareness of World Mental Health day.

It is just under 1.5 miles and we would like to see as many of you there as possible. This event is being supported by Plymouth Albion, Plymouth Raiders and Plymouth Argyle.

The meeting point is on the green outside the sports centre. The run should take about 20-25 minutes and will be followed by performances and information in the Desmond Tutu centre from some of our own acting students, which will take a similar amount of time.

Please come along and get involved. Even if you don't want to run, spectators are welcome. If you want to help with the run please e-mail Haden at