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Women In Leadership Conference

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Women In Leadership Conference
by Elias McGill - Monday, 8 January 2018, 6:25 PM

There's still time to register interest in attending the first ever Women in Leadership conference here at Marjon.

This is a fantastic free workshop that aims to inspire more female students to take up leadership positions, or to share stories of your experiences within leadership.

Please e-mail Mick Davies at to find out more information or to let us know that you are intending on coming. (Ignore the 20th December on the poster, we have since extended the deadline due to the Christmas break)



MSU President


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Re: Women In Leadership Conference
by Lynda Tout - Wednesday, 14 February 2018, 1:18 PM

Looking forward to this conference tomorrow!  I hope I get a chance to meet lots students during the day, this is an exciting step forward for the student union.