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***FREE EVENT*** Wednesday 12th October at 11am! Don't miss out! **

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***FREE EVENT*** Wednesday 12th October at 11am! Don't miss out! **
by Jade Dyer - Thursday, 6 October 2016, 12:44 PM

Don't miss out on this FREE WOW workshop: Personal Development Planning and Edublogs!


This FREE workshop is a great opportunity for you to come along and get to grips with how to produce your own personal development plan (PDP), which will really benefit your future career prospects.


What is a PDP you ask? 

It's basically a structured framework that you can use to:

  • Become aware of skills you already have
  • Identify and develop skills you need 
  • Work out what you want to achieve and how you can do that
  • Focus on potential study, career and personal development options

Therefore a PDP allows you to develop a source of information that you can use in the future for:

  • Creating CV's
  • Writing job applications
  • Succeeding in interviews
  • Support appraisals at work
  • Demonstrate your readiness for promotion or development opportunities

This workshop will really make a positive difference to your future prospects so come along and kick start your career on Wednesday.

We'll also introduce you to our free Edublogs platform, which is really useful for recording your journey throughout university and can be used when applying for jobs in the future. 

Plus we'll cover topics such as where you'd like to be when you graduate, planning your journey and how to find more support.


This event is FREE for you to attend, and will run in the iSpace on the ground floor of the KCB building. It starts at 11am and will last for an hour. Marjon students from all degrees and all years are welcome to come along.

Please use The Junction to book onto this event as it allows us to plan accordingly. However, if you are unable to do this for some reason, please feel welcome to come along anyway.


Not sure where the iSpace is?

Well, just take the first right as you enter the KCB building through the main entrance, past our UnderGround office, right to the end of the building and you'll find the iSpace on the left. 

How do I log on to the Junction?

It's pretty simple to log on to the Junction, and once you're in there's a whole host of useful tools that you can use.

To book onto our events you simply:

  • Use this link:
  • Log in using your normal student number and password log in
  • Hover over "Events" in the navigation bar, and then click on "Workshops"
  • You can also book onto any other of other workshops here, so please go ahead and do!

We look forward to meeting you next Wednesday! 


For additional information please contact us at or pop in to see us in our office on the ground floor of the KCB building. You can also find us on Facebook (Underground at Marjon) or Twitter (@MarjonUnderGrd).