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by Kathryn Parker - Thursday, 6 October 2016, 10:13 AM

Would you like to receive free IT Training?

Do you want to improve your IT skills and receive an internationally recognised IT qualification?

Do you want to improve your employability prospects by showing you are competent in using Office applications?

Or do you just want to do things a bit quicker and feel more confident when using Office applications?

Then look no further… we are starting the ECDL taught sessions from Monday 31st October starting with the Word Processing module. The Word Processing module will last for 7 weeks (5 weeks for training and 2 weeks for practice and exams). You will only need to attend one of the sessions each week. The timetable and ECDL information sheet is attached.

If you’re not looking to gain a qualification but would like to expand your knowledge, all sessions are standalone so you can pick and choose according to your learning needs.

To book for your sessions please visit the IT Training & Support area on Learning Space. You can book all sessions in advance. Please note: you are required to log-in and enrol yourself onto the course to book.

Contact us on 01752 636859 or email with any queries.

Mersedes Farjad & Kathryn Parker
IT Training & Support (Previously known as MOLU)