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Photocopying - Copyright Update - 10% now permitted

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Photocopying - Copyright Update - 10% now permitted
by Theresa Oakley - Thursday, 1 September 2016, 2:42 PM

From 1st August 2016, the new CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd) Higher Education Licence permits the following for photocopying:

  • One whole chapter from a book
  • One whole article from a journal issue
  • One short story, poem or play (not exceeding 10 pages) from an anthology
  • One whole scene from a play
  • One whole paper from a set of conference proceedings
  • One whole report of a single case from a volume of judicial proceedings
  • Or 10% of any of the above, whichever is the greater¬†¬†

10% is double what was previously permitted, so this is good news! 

If you have any copyright queries please get in touch with the copyright librarian: Theresa Oakley