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Under Armour Student Kit

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Under Armour Student Kit
by Simon White - Tuesday, 26 September 2017, 3:32 PM

Student kit is provided by Under Armour and can be purchased from their online shop at Please click on sign in, and create an account using collection code UNIMARKJOHN.  You will then find our section under UA Club Shop, Universities and Marjon.

We are aware that some items are now out of stock and students are being advised that some items have been discontinued. This because Under Armour employees a 3rd party company to manage this section of its business and Under Armour has appointed a new company to manage these orders from October - therefore the current company who can now only take orders up until the end of September are not replacing low/sold out stock.

Once we have details for the new webshop this will be made available on the community hub. There is likely to be a short delay with the new company setting up their shop therefore Marjon will make a bulk order of some items to sell to students whilst the transfer of the business takes place, details will made available in due course.