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LearningSpace: Your Dashboard Page has Changed

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LearningSpace: Your Dashboard Page has Changed
by Tony Atkin - Friday, 22 September 2017, 11:02 AM

When you login to LearningSpace it normally drops you into your Dashboard Page which shows you a list of courses and upcoming events.  In response to a bug which told you that you have 'Turnitin assignments requiring attention' even though the assignments were in the past we have updated the dashboard page.  You will now see a list of "My Modules and Courses" in the middle of the page (or at the top on mobile) which will never show information about Turnitin assignments.  To the left of that (or below on mobile) is a list of "Upcoming Events".  This list will show your Turnitin deadlines due in the next two weeks along with other important events which your tutor might have created. It does not show your timetabled lectures.

A couple of further points:

You have a choice of 'landing pages' when you login.  If the system leaves you on the front page then switch to your dashboard page at or use the top menu item under "My Marjon" -> "My Modules" and look for the link which says "Make this my default home page" 

Your dashboard page is customisable. You can move things around or add other things, for example, a calendar.  If you have already customised this page then my apologies for resetting everything to defaults.