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Gym Refit News - New Install date

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Gym Refit News - New Install date
by Simon White - Thursday, 21 September 2017, 12:16 PM

The gym will be closed to install new equipment from 4th October. We will reopen sometime on 6th October.

We are investing £100,000 in the gym, here's a reminder of what's to come!

Resistance Equipment
We are upgrading to the latest Life Fitness Insigna range

More Leg Equipment We are adding a hack squat machine, squat/lunge machine, laying leg curl and seated calf raise

Cable Resistance
We are replacing the cable cross with a cable jungle with cable lateral pull-down, cable seated row and more

Free Weights
We are replacing all the dumbbells and adding a 2nd set of 10kg to 20kg

Elite Racks
We are replacing the power racks with Elite racks with new plates, bars and lifting platforms

Fitness Track
We are adding a track for sledge pulls, tyre flips, battle rope and more

Synergy We are replacing all the kettlebells, slam balls etc and adding a rope pull and heavier boxing bag

We are adding water resisted rowers/hand bike and watt bikes